Active Shooter Response

Active Shooter incidents are so random, chaotic and violent that if you ever find yourself caught up in one, the chances are that you never seen it coming and you may be overwhelmed with that “shock of capture” feeling, which prevents you from making a decision about what to do…those precious few seconds that you are taking to decide what to do, will seem like an eternity.

Because this is a bespoke training course, we will shape the course content around what you need it to be focused on.

> If you’re a group of individuals who might be planning a trip to Africa or Asia – we got you.
> If you’re a group of journalists, getting ready to deploy somewhere – we got you.
> If you’re a church group, wishing to take more responsibility for your congregation’s safety – we got you.
> If you’re an armed security officer in a Mall – we got you.
> If you’re an armed school security officer – we got you.

The course will cover:

> Scenario-based “judgement” training
> Surveillance Survey training
> Friendly Forces Identification Measures
> Live Firing Exercises (if applicable to your requirements)

Please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

course description

Do you know your own or your organizations vulnerabilities to an Active Shooter incident? Do you know your own or your organizations response capabilities?

What you do (or don’t do) might well be determined by factors such as :

  • Are you even armed?
  • Are you alone or with your family?
  • Are you in your home country or abroad?
  • Do you have a basic knowledge of first aid?
  • Can you help others?
  • Are you capable of neutralizing the threat?
  • Does your church/house of worship have an understanding of the guardian angel concept?
  • Do your armed school security personnel have the training to move through school corridors swiftly and tactically?
  • In the confusion of an active shooter incident, how do you identify good guys from the bad guys? What identification measures can be easily implemented to address that?
  • Do you know how to conduct a surveillance survey of your School, Mall, or Place of Worship ?

This 2-day training package covers scenario-based “judgement” training, as well as live firing, range exercises (if applicable). We use purpose built scenario-based training venues, such as a church, school classrooms, a library, and offices. During the live firing exercises, we will set-up the range to reflect an enclosed, dynamic and challenging environment.

We will also show you the advantages of having a recognized “identification procedure”, which can significantly reduce the confusion of an active shooter incident.

We will also take you through a simple, yet effective, Surveillance Survey procedure, which can be integrated into your overall security plan.

The aim of the training is to make you more prepared and to provide you with more, flexible, response “options” to an active shooter incident.

Course Requirements

> As part of Go Noisy’s due diligence, code of ethics, transparency, oversight, accountability and personal liability process, you will be required to have a valid firearms/CCW license, in order to attend the course.

Terms and conditions apply:

Please also note the following:

> A minimum of 6 participants are required for this course to run effectively.

> The course is capped at 12 participants.

> During the scenario-based training, course participants will experience deliberately induced “stressors” and participants may be subject to some level of discomfort. We want you to gain the maximum amount of training value from these scenarios, which are all closely controlled by us.

DISCLAIMER: Go Noisy reserve the right to refuse entry on the course to anyone who, we believe, is not acting in an honest and transparent manner. Furthermore, Go Noisy do not accept liability for what any individual may do with the firearms training they have received, once the course has ended and all course participants will be required to sign a firearms waiver, on arrival. Furthermore, Go Noisy also reserve the right to remove any individual(s) from the course, at any time, due to safety concerns.

Materials Needed


> If applicable to your training requirements, weapons will be role-specific to your organization.

> If applicable to your training requirements, you will be required to bring the following quantities of ammunition:

  • 200 rounds pistol
  • 200 rounds rifle


> Clothing will be role-specific to your organization.

> Please avoid wearing expensive clothing, as there is a risk of it being ripped, torn and/or damaged.

> Absolutely no short-shorts, daisy-dukes, boob tubes, flip-flops or leisure wear on the course please.


> Equipment will be role-specific to your organization.

Course Dates