Four questions we get regularly asked about scenario training.

A side of our business that we prefer to keep less well known and do not advertise as much, is our ability to conduct scenario-based, and role specific, judgement training, for Irregular Warfare (IW) and Direct Action (DA) operations.

With ever-changing threats, in the USA and globally, IW and DA operations have, over the past 2 years, become more common.

IW operations require thought, a fluid decision making process, good judgement and the ability to operate covertly. 

They require a constant need for mission “focus” as opposed to mission “creep”.

They require an understanding of what lethal and non-lethal “options” are available to you.

They require an understanding of human behavior and how unpredictable that can be.

They require an understanding of how both legal and moral considerations might influence how you respond.

They require an understanding of influence activities and outreach.

Actions and inactions will have consequences and it’s not easy having to make a decision, when you have political, socio-economic, strategic, environmental, tactical and STRATCOM “pressures” to constantly consider.

No two situations are the same and, therefore, require different response options.

Our experience in conducting IW and DA operations in Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and Libya, working against terrorist groups and organized crime networks, whilst living in the same civilian communities we operated in, has allowed us to use this experience in order to create scenario-based “judgement” training exercises, that will place you in situations that will make you think, that will make you question your decision-making process, and will make you better prepared to deal with situations in a more realistic, fluid, advantageous and realistic way.

We can, and do, develop scenarios based on your organizations operational requirements and we will stress-test those requirements under both, passive and aggressive conditions. 

Our scenarios will stress-test both your soft and hard-skills and will help you identify when to use either approach.

The training value in conducting scenario-based, judgement training is unquantifiable. It allows for the identification and amending of response “options” and assists in the understanding of why a response option does or does not work.

If this is something that you feel your organization would benefit from, then please get in touch for a free consultation.


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